Who we are

Agora is a housing project designed and built by ISA Costruzioni company , operating successfully in Sardinia for over 30 years. The I.S.A. civil building and tourist projects are known for their reliability, attention to detail, the choice of quality materials. Its residential complexes, independent houses or townhouses, villas and apartments for home and office use, investment areas and new subdivisions are highly attractive cause of their living standards and especially for the convenience in the purchase.

The company in fact provides many support services , such as mortgages for the purchase of housing units, and also offers real estate appraisal services, technical and fiscal assistance, cadastral survey.

In Villasimius, I.S.A. Costruzioni has completed several projects for sustainable building in the city center and the sea, as Agora Villasimius, a residential complex perfectly integrated with the environment and the surrounding territory, an example of housing units with a high standard of quality of life about design, services offered and territorial context.